What is the TechShow?

  The LinuxLink TechShow is a live weekly webcasted audio show dealing with the Linux computer operating system and any other geeky subjects that the hosts find interesting at the time. The show has had a plethora of interviews with the most important and popular personalities in Linux, OpenSource and Free Software, among other things, and we strive to have a loose, comfortable and friendly "gathering of friends" type atmosphere. Although we are not an adult show, our language and sometimes humor, is not always family friendly. Enjoy with your headphones on :)

A little history:
  A long time ago in a city in eastern Pennsylvania, Dann Washko and Linc Fessenden met for the first time while searching for a Linux user group. Not finding any, they formed their own, the Lehigh Valley Linux User Group in the summer of 2000. During that time, they enjoyed listening to the infrequent audio programming put out by "The Linux Show", an internet audio program with such notable hosts as Eric Raymond, Doc Searls and Russ Pavlicek. By mid 2003 Linc was absolutely convinced that he and Dann could do that too and it sounded like so much fun that we scheduled our very first TechShow episode on September 24, 2003. That very night, Allan stopped by to let Dann and Linc borrow a mixer and ended up saving the day with some working microphones. That began the original TechShow and we are still going strong today!

A little trivia:
  The TLLTS trivia question we are asked most is where the name came from. It is widely assumed that TheLinuxLink portion of the name comes from Linc, one of the original hosts. In fact, it does not. It's just a wonderful and interesting coincidence. Originally Dann had plans for starting a dead tree newsletter about Linux called The Linux Link. He registered the domain name even before he and Linc met. While the dead tree newsletter never did get off the ground, Dann initially hosted the website for the TechShow, so we called it "The LinuxLink Techshow". The "The LinuxLink" portion of the name just stuck!