Rich Hughes
   Rich is a ColdFusion consultant, only accepting jobs that pay twice what he is worth. He was at the first Linux World in NYC and still has the T-shirts. He has hacked many Linux embedded devices, pogoplug, WD world book NAS, DD-WRT & more. He currently is mining bitcoins with a LinuxCoin powered custom rig that uses a Ford Fiesta radiator & fan along with custom made water blocks for the GPUs.
Rich is responsible for heckling Dann over remembering the show number & maintaining the all important list of TLLTS words & sounds to complete a show.
Rich is an instrument rated private pilot with more than 1000 hours experience. A good landing is one you can walk away from a great one is where you can re-use the plane. He has had two good landings.
Rich is also an Android fan, he uses his Thrive tablet for charting in his plane.