Community News

Forum Dann has graciously hosted Our Forums along with some other great ones for years now. This is where a lot of great community conversation goes on and you can catch people talking about almost anything you can think of. It is also a great way to get to know the TLLTS core community members.
TLLTS has a [email protected] team!. If you have some spare computing cycles, please help us out and contribute to a great cause as well. Download the client and join Team TLLTS!
Not only do we hang out on IRC live during the show, but you can catch us and each other during the week on IRC as well. Just point your favorite client to server: and channel: #techshow
TLL Since we are talking community here, TLLTS is part of a much bigger Linux / Opensource media community, and Dann just happens to maintain a list of all these wonderful shows. Make sure to head on over to to see the big picture and check them all out!
Wiki Lastly is our wiki. We have had great contributions to our wiki from some of our core community members. Head over to our Main Wiki page and check it out for yourself, and do not be afraid to contribute either! We love to find out what our listeners are like and pages like the Listener Wiki Page is a great place to visit for that.