TLLTS Is Recorded Live Every Wednesday Night - HowTo Join In!

TLLTS records and streams live every Wednesday night starting around 20:30 Eastern Time (01:30 or 00:30 GMT depending on Daylight Savings). The stream usually goes up 15 - 30 minutes before the show actually starts for sound tests and pre-show antics. You can listen via your audio player of choice so long as it supports connecting to an icecast mp3 stream (VLC is a great choice and cross platform).

Stream mirrors:

Mirror availability is subject to change. If you are having a problem connecting to a mirror please join our IRC channel for assistance


TLLTS runs their own IRC channel which you can connect to by pointing your preferred IRC client (irssi, xchat) to:

The IRC channel is open 24/7 but most activity is on show night. We gladly welcome your participation.