Joel McLaughlin
   Joel has been a fan of the Tech Show since the beginning. He was a guest on several occasions but then was asked to be a permanent guest host.

He is a System Administrator for a local college located in the heart of it all, Columbus, Ohio. His day job is mostly on AIX with Red Hat Enterprise Linux also in his bag of tricks.

Joel has used Linux as his main os on every PC he touches for about 5 years now. His favorite distributions are Ubuntu, LinuxMint, Debian, CrunchBang and Fedora. He is also interested in the mobile segment as well. Android is his OS of choice on his phone.

Also, since he's the cook of the family, you may hear him talk about his favorite restaurants and making things at home. Most often, if we're at a show and there are goodies of some sort, he is the man who cooked them up.

Joel writes reviews for:

Gear Diary

Joel's Personal Podcast, is the Life in Ohio Podcast,