Friends of the Show

  Telephonyware has seen fit to become our very first sponsor! In sponsoring us they sent us an incredibly cool gadget called a Sipura Phone Adapter - Model SPA-3000. This nifty piece of hardware is a little box that allows us to convert a normal pots phone into a SIP device that we can connect to our asterisk server! This is an absolute must for any VOIP freak, so go out and buy one *TODAY*!

The Linux Journal
  The Linux Journal, one of the very best magazines you can get for Linux, has also decided to be a sponsor. Linux Journal, first published in April of 1994, helps readers find hardware, software and services, and features articles for both newbies and professional users.
Their mission: To serve the Linux community and to promote the use of Linux worldwide!

  O'Reilly, makers of some of the best techie books around! Buy your books now using the link provided and mention our User Group Code "DSUG" to get a whopping %35 off your book purchase. O'Reilly has also graciously donated books to the TechShow for show and convention giveaways!

  APress, another great techie book publisher has decided to sponsor us as well by providing us with some convention giveaways and letting us into their user group program. Get a 25% discount on your book orders by calling 1-800-SPRINGER. Once you connect with a customer service representative, please mention the discount code, "APRESSUG" along with the name of your user group, "The LinuxLink TechShow".

Pearson Education
  Pearson is one of our oldest and best sponsors. They continually help us out by providing copies of their fantastic books that we can give away on our convention trips. You can never go wrong with technical books from this publisher. They are Linc's favorite!